At ENCORE, we’re passionate about delivering an excellent experience for your HOSPITALITY project, whether it’s a renovation or new construction. Please check out our project references, our Design Collections and contact your rep!

  • Our goal is for the flooring to:
  • • Provide unique & sophisticated design
  • • Perform superbly
  • • Support Safety
  • • Support design that reflects regional character of the surrounding community
  • • Set your facility apart
  • • Improve wayfinding
  • • Improve Well-being & Comfort
  • • Positively Impact Guest Experience

Our designs are created by top-class textile designers and are bespoke creations for each project. Through our extensive experience in the HOSPITALITY segment, we also have design archives and Design Collections for fast-track projects. Our diverse portfolio of products means we can be a one-stop-shop for your project, streamlining design & purchasing efforts.

Project References

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