Encore's Commitment to
the Next Generation

We're ready to evolve.

Encore is a family-owned business guided by servant leadership and an outsized commitment to have a positive impact. We believe that the metrics of sustainability should be inseparable from the metrics of business success.

Here's what that means:

We bring to this journey our deep curiosity, a sense of responsibility, and our continued commitment to agility and care. This is not our journey alone, and we invite our staff, communities, design partners and suppliers to join us and inspire us along the way to shared prosperity. Here's to our collective evolution.


"As we work towards sustainability, we recognize the need for collaboration with trusted partners to find and implement innovative solutions, and engage with the industry to align our progress for shared prosperity."
~ Jake Brumlow, Founder + Co-Owner, Encore Hospitality


Evolve Principles


Reporting our Baseline

Transparency is critical to establishing the path forward with trust. We're leveraging third party standards to share our impacts and craft a plan for how to create change.


Reducing Our Impacts

We're investing in major reductions to our manufacturing and operational impacts. We accept obstacles and challenges to our goals — and we commit to sticking with them.


Inviting Engagement

No single entity can shift the trajectory of an industry alone. We're sharing our journey to inspire and invite others to join us — from suppliers to designers and competitors.


Transparency + Certification


CRI Green Label Plus

As part of our commitment to health indoor air quality, our Solution Dyed Nylon and Nylon Post-Dyed Carpets are CRI Green Label Plus certified, covering:

En Pointe - Avant
En Pointe - Tableau
Cove Base
HDDI (High-Definition Dye Injection)



Our Solution Dyed Nylon Broadloom carpets now have Declare labels, demonstrating our commitment to avoid worse-in-class substances and being transparent:

En Pointe - Avant
En Pointe - Tableau



Partnerships + Commitments


mM Member

Encore is now a member of mindful MATERIALS, supporting alignment of industry for greater collective impact


Manufacturer Commitment

We're supporting the industry movement for a common language, clear market signal and connected data. As a manufacturer, we commit to producing products that support human and environmental health holistically.



Encore has aligned its sustainability efforts with those of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Encore has formally committed to 11 out of 17 of th UN SDG's. this alignment will enable our organization to contribute to collective positive actions for real impact.

This is the beginning of our journey. Here’s to our collective evolution.