Infinity Tile

Flexible and durable solution for both guestrooms and public spaces minimizing waste without compromising function and style.

  • Size: 24" X 24" | 18' X 36" | 12" X 48"
  • Minimum for running line is 250 sq. yrds (no minimums on select colors)
  • Minimum for custom is 1200 sq. yrds
  • Weights: 24 oz only
  • # of Colors: up to 4
  • Backing: HD Vinyl and Comfort Cushion
  • Methods of Installation: Ashlar, Random, Quarter Turn
Recent Patterns

Axminster Tile

Axminster carpet tile combines the luxury and beauty of Axminster Broadloom with the convenience and functionality of a modular floor system that allows for ease of access to raised floors, individual tile replacement, reduced wastage factor and installation cost, and many logistical advantages such as reduced storage costs of keeping attic stock.

  • Widths Available: 90 x 90 CMS/ 3’ X 3’ tiles
  • Minimum: 250 sq. yrds.
  • Ounces: 7 row through 10 row construction (28 oz. to 48oz. pile wt.)
  • # of Colors: up to 16
Recent Patterns