There is a point at which design becomes art - a challenge turns into an achievement - and a space becomes an experience. That point is EN POINTE by ENCORE. EN POINTE transforms carpet into floor art, with up to 32 color values and total freedom to deliver the most powerful expression of your vision.

EN POINTE AVANT creates a sculpted landscape with the highest textural definition possible: innovative, dynamic, chic.

EN POINTE TABLEAU provides a 100% cut pile canvas for exquisite artistry: plush, vivid, refined.

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for every space, at every point: EN POINTE by ENCORE.

  • Widths available: 12' or 15'
  • Minimum: 500 sq. yrds.
  • Weights: 42oz or 48oz
  • # of Colors: Up to 16
Recent En-Pointe Avant Patterns
Recent En-Pointe Tableau Patterns