ENCORE's state-of-the-art EN-POINTE technology revolutionizes the way that carpet is constructed, offering the newest and most advanced CYP tufting techniques, and elevating the luxury carpet experience. ENCORE AVANT offers elegant textures of true cut and loop pile, with unlimited design capabilities that allow for textural designs with up to 24 color values, emulating the look and feel of hand-tufted carpets ENCORE TABLEAU offers a rich and luxurious cut pile carpet, with unlimited design capabilities, and a crisp definition that emulates the look and feel of woven Axminster.

  • Widths available: 15' for 8 colors or less / 13'2" for 9 colors or more
  • Minimum: 500 sq. yrds.
  • Weights: 36oz / 42oz
  • # of Colors: Up to 12
Recent En-Pointe Avant Patterns
Recent En-Pointe Tableau Patterns